Ann Gianopulos

Born in Connecticut and raised in Berkeley, California, Ann Gianopulos attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and graduated with a degree in Comparative Literature. Following graduation and prior to moving to Los Angeles, she lived in Paris, France, where she began her career in the entertainment industry, working for Warner Bros. at their International Licensing and Merchandising headquarters.

Once in Los Angeles, Ann worked for Hanna-Barbera International Home Video, and following its acquisition by Turner Broadcasting, was one of the few executives kept onboard by Turner Pictures Worldwide as Director of Marketing and Distribution. After 5 years at Turner, she was recruited by Twentieth Century Fox International, where she spent the next 5 years as Director, and soon thereafter Vice President, of Marketing.

Ann then took a break from the corporate world to focus on being a mom to her three children, Mimi, Alexa and Niki. Along with working as a marketing consultant with Amplitude Consulting, specializing in eco-friendly and kids marketing, Ann gives her free time to advising charities and community organizations. These include The Help Group, The Byzantine-Latino Quarter Foundation (Board member) The Cambodian Children's Fund, and various school committees and groups.