Maleea Barnett

Maleea Barnett is an industry veteran with over 20 years experience in business, sales and marketing for video games. Her latest position was VP, Sales and Marketing for Encore, Inc. where she handled all Global territories. Barnett led a team of 15+ professionals, overseeing all sales & distribution for 100,000 storefronts, including the world’s leading retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy. She also has a strong background in digital distribution with partners ranging from Steam to Wild Tangent.

Before joining Encore, Barnett was the Managing Director for Valusoft, a division of THQ, a manufacturer of lifestyle/kids entertainment software, and VP Sales and Channel Marketing at Atari. Barnett has been an integral member of the senior management at both groups.

Barnett spent two years as VP Global Sales & Licensing at Neoedge Networks, the leading advertising and delivery service for digital entertainment. Neoedge had the ability to both drive multiple revenue streams for content owners with in-content advertising and provide best-in-class management, reporting and delivery.

Barnett was also at Knowledge Adventure, the first company to introduce children’s edutainment software to the mass market.

Barnett holds a BA in Radio, TV and Film from Kansas University.